AEMS is an integrated school management software system designed by experienced educators in the field of teaching and managing schools. It manages school, staff and student information, produces a variety of reports, and provides a means for the different parties to communicate. The system is designed and created using the best available technologies that allow a school to operate the whole system from a school’s central server or the web without having to install it on individual PC’s and any operating system. Moreover, the system is built on open source technology which means that no licensing costs are incurred.


School Information System

This is the core system of AEMS which is used to store and retrieve information student, staff and guardian information.  The main areas include:

  • Student, guardian and school staff personal information
  • Contact details
  • Official documents
  • Enquiries and registration information
  • Student schooling history


Transportation Module

This module manages all information related to school transportation processes including routes, school vehicle information, student bus usage, and prints student tags and related rosters.


Assessment System

This is an inter-related tracking set of tools which deals with student assessment and includes:

  • Exam planner
  • Exam material distribution
  • Exam production monitoring
  • Class mark sheets
  • Marks recording
  • Make-up and retest system
  • Marks confirmation
  • Performance analysis
  • School reports
  • Assessment process tracking


Attendance Module

This module handles the process of recording student absence and lateness, calling parents and actions taken by the school.


Student Conduct Module

This module records incidents that are related to student conduct and the corresponding actions. It also provides detailed and analytical reports.


Web Portal

This is a tool which provides a school interface for both students and guardians. It includes:

  • Timetables
  • Student attendance records
  • Student discipline records
  • Student marks
  • Homework
  • Future exam information
  • School events


Students have access to their own information, whereas guardians can access the information of all their children and communicate with the school.