EDUGATES® offers a range of consultancy services which can be tailored to the needs of individual schools. These are briefly listed below. We lead or work with school practitioners on a particular area of development or professional development project as identified through a ‘training needs analysis’. For more information on any of these services or to enquire about any other school consultancy services that you require, please use the ‘contact us’ page to send an email.

On Site and Distance Consultancy Services

On Site Consultancy Services

In some cases, schools need the consultants to visit and meet with their staff in person.  Such services are available using different packages.


Distance Consultancy Services

In order to help schools reduce the consultancy costs they pay, we have designed a distance non-specific consultancy service that would not incur travel, board and accommodation costs. Such solutions are possible in a number of situations where the presence of the consultant in the school is not essential.


Consultancy Programs

Staff Appraisal and Performance Management

 The knowledge and skills of staff directly influence the performance of a school. Therefore, schools need reliable and objective appraisal to measure performance and specify the support that each employee needs through training and development. EDUGATES® International’s process for the evaluation of teachers involves working with principals and the school leadership team to ensure all parts of the performance management system are in place. Specifically, these are the job description, teacher professional standards, and annual appraisal system. We will conduct the appraisal ourselves, and our ‘Staff Appraisal and Performance Management’ Programs include for every enrolled teacher an initial appraisal (about two hours) followed by three observation and performance guidance visits per year (about three hours for each visit).

However, we strongly believe that it is in a school’s best interest to be empowered to undertake evaluation of their own teachers. In this case, we will work with school personnel as they conduct the appraisals through a mutually-agreeable agreed contract for work.


Educational Leadership Appraisal and Performance Management

Performance management enables a school owner or board to be specific about what they want from their leader and the priorities they want to set. It also encourages all parties to consider development of the school leader’s management and leadership skills. These issues need to be discussed and decided together. Clear direction and agreed actions will lead to a stronger partnership between a board and their school leaders and ultimately to improved student achievement.

One part of the performance management cycle entails evaluation but in order to evaluate properly, we work with schools first to ensure all parts of the performance management system are in place. Our evaluation service begins with the collection of information from a range of sources, including people such as the school leader, board, staff, students, parents and the community, and school documents such as reports, accreditation results, and student assessment results.

The observation and performance management for school leaders requires more time and effort than teacher appraisal and hence it is priced differently.


Educational Leadership Training and Development

Staff Training and Development

EDUGATES® has developed its own training courses, workshops and staff development programs which include a training needs analysis, readymade courses and workshops and a train the specialist workshop. The readymade courses include Basic (Health, Safety and Security, The Educator’s Ethics and The Green School), Technical (IT Basics, Technology in Education, and Revamp Your Knowledge), Functional (The Effective Class, Teaching Preparation and Classroom Management), and Soft/Managerial courses (Time Management, Child Motivation, Parents and School, and The Real Qualities of a Good School).

Training and development courses are chargeable per course. We strongly recommend that schools do not enrol more than 14 employees for the same session as this is bound to adversely affect the opportunity of trainee-trainer individual interaction.


Educational Leadership Mentoring

Staff Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring build leader confidence and promote continued professional growth and development. Attending to the ‘people’ and ‘relationship’ aspects of professional life in education is important as the work involves high levels of stress and calls on a person’s resilience. School leaders are in a fairly isolated position and therefore benefit from a regular private, secure and trustworthy setting to reflect, plan, debrief and sound out new ideas. Leadership expertise is developed through reflective practice

In our work, the purpose and aims of the mentoring relationship are discussed and agreed with the school board and the mentee themselves. We may have to prepare the foundation for mentoring. This could be to introduce and explain the concept, discuss how sessions operate and come to agreements on confidentiality, feedback and objectives of the sessions. There may be initial distrust of the process if it is unknown or perceived as threatening to the recipient. Therefore, relationship-building and discussion of needs through mentoring may have to precede the actual start of any mentoring arrangement. We will work with individual or groups of school leaders and teachers in a mentoring arrangement.

Mentoring may be identified as a need during the performance management cycle as one improvement process that an individual or small group of staff may benefit from. One difference between mentoring services and the performance management services is the fact that everything related to mentoring is kept strictly confidential between mentor and mentee and we adhere 100% to this confidentiality.  All records and reports are the sole property of the mentee. Schools are very strongly recommended to invest in this service for their employees who show potential.  


Short Term Contracts


EDUGATES® provides a range of development services to investors in educational projects, educational authorities, school owners and schools. These include:

School feasibility studies and school architecturE

System evaluation, restructuring and development – this includes corporate image, mission and vision development and strategy, and improvement planning

Improving the school to accreditation standards and gaining accreditation



EDUGATES® provides a range of planning services to investors in educational projects, educational authorities, school owners and schools. These include:

School resources and learning environment planning for development

Supporting the administration in planning for accreditation team visits

School financial planning

Curriculum planning



EDUGATES® provides a range of evaluation services to educational authorities, school owners and schools. These include:  

School system evaluation

School resources and learning environment evaluation

School staff appraisal

Students academic, personal and social standards and progress evaluation


Long Term Contracts

School Operation and Management

Sound operation and management of schools ensures a quality institution of high standards in a safe learning environment. EDUGATES®-managed schools are highly respected for their academic standards, their dedication to quality and their healthy and safe school environments. Each EDUGATES® affiliated school benefits from being a member of a network of world-class schools overseen by well-trained, highly experienced, committed educators. EDUGATES® provides full operation of schools in accordance with our efficient comprehensive educational systems and methodologies that cover all areas of school functioning. Our complete service utilises the diversity we have of professional backgrounds and experiences to ensure the sustainability and growth of an educational institution.

Such contracts relieve schools from all consultancy, training and development costs and authorize the school to use our AEMS Advanced Educational Management Software System and web portal without extra charge.


Software Lease (AEMS: Advanced Educational School Management Software)

EDUGATES® AEMS manages school, staff and student information, produces a variety of reports, and provides a means for the different parties to communicate. The system is designed and created using the best available technologies that allow a school to operate the whole system from a school’s central server or the web without having to install it on individual PC’s and any operating system. Moreover, the system is built on open source technology which means that no licensing costs are incurred.