The growing need for education, the social prestige that investing in educational projects brings about to the investor, and the financial successes that for-profit schools make, are three major factors that continue to attract substantial funds into the educational market.We at EDUGATES® realise the importance of attracting investments into education, however, our unwavering stance has always been to discourage investors from viewing education as just another profit-making market commodity.

When approached by potential investors, EDUGATES® follows a structured methodology to new school set-up to ensure that statutory regulations are met and that the outcome is a viable institution that is capable of providing quality education

Together with the interested party, we develop the basic concept of the proposed school identifying the proposed school specifications including the area and community to be served by the school, the location and the opening date. We then conduct a feasibility study, prepare a business plan, and make the necessary legal and financial arrangements for a new school set-up.

We set the bylaws of the board, the school corporate image, mission, vision, and objectives, and develop the curriculum. EDUGATES® also depicts the school organization chart, drafts policies, regulations, procedures, and job descriptions.


School Licensing and Accreditation

In the book ‘It Takes A City’, Hill et al (2000) state that “Licensing would require that schools be held accountable for performance under state performance standards and would sustain public sector guarantees of fair admission, civil rights protection, health and safety” (p.75). EDUGATES® has been operating schools since 2001 and has successfully lead and guided schools in the license extraction processes. We make sure we are clear and up-to-date with the school licensing regulations in the countries where we operate schools.

EDUGATES® prepares schools for licensing by making sure that they are in full compliance with all requirements, standards, and policies. We help schools by preparing the necessary documents, completing the required forms, and eventually submitting these forms and documents to the relevant authorities. We then follow-up with the authorities in order to provide clarification or explanation, or to make any amendments they may require.

For a school to provide quality education and meet the needs of the community it is serving, its leaders should view school accreditation as an integral part of their system and as an ongoing process rather than as an isolated task. Schools are expected to maintain providing excellent service to the community at all times and constant expert monitoring is necessary to ensure that provision.

EDUGATES® can help any school to attend to areas that need improvement and improve the quality of education that the school provides so that the school qualifies to gain accreditation.

Though the steps to be followed differ from one accreditation group to another, an experienced consultant would find it easy to match the qualities of a school to the requirements of any accrediting company and help the school prepare for the process. The EDUGATES® team is particularly skilful when it comes to educational evaluation and measurement.

In general, we help schools follow the ten steps listed below:

  • Forming and training a steering committee to lead the accreditation process
  • Providing a clear idea to the school community (parents, students and staff) about the accreditation process through newsletters, meetings, school websites etc
  • Involving and training as many staff members as possible in the preparation of the school self evaluation
  • Conducting all the needed surveys (parents, students and staff)
  • Closely supervising the progress of the task(s) making sure that everything is being done in full compliance with the set accreditation standards
  • Closely editing and validating the report(s) and document(s) being produced
  • Making sure that all the data being collected is presented clearly and on proper forms
  • Making sure that all the needed supporting documents and evidence are valid and clear
  • Preparing, editing and validating the final version of the self-evaluation form in order to be submitted to the accreditation body
  • Preparing the school and staff for the accreditation team visit


At a later stage, we follow-up with the school administration regarding the feedback of the accreditation team, and help them improve standards according to the recommendations in the accreditation report.