Setting-up of New Schools

·         Complete school set up including determining school needs and then the acquisition and installation of fixtures, furniture, equipment and information technology equipment


New School Start up

The company has a record of accomplishment of successful school start up projects which include:

·         Overseeing school architectural planning, the building and the finishing processes

·         Developing of the organization chart, curriculum, policies, procedures, and job descriptions, recruitment of teachers, administrators and school leadership staff, staff induction, training and mentoring for the first year

·         School full operation and management

·         School comprehensive evaluation and improvement

·         Staff appraisal and professional development

·         Evaluating and upgrading school resources

·         Updating of policies, procedures

·         Preparing schools for official licensing and local educational and governmental authorities inspections

·         Preparing and supporting schools for accreditation by international educational bodies and qualifying them for membership in K-12 renowned school organisations such as Cambridge, IB, Council of International Schools, ASIC(UK), and the inspections of authorities

·         School planning

·         setting up school concept and vision,

·         developing policies and procedures,

·         developing the curriculum,

·         ensuring the functionality of the architecture,

·         licensing

·         staffing and staff induction,

·         deciding regarding the educational and other resources and their allocation,


School Supervision, Management and Operation


EDUGATES School Support Resources (Publications and Documents)


EDUGATES International High School Diploma Examinations.

School Improvement and Restructuring

·         Complete School System and Performance Evaluation, including organisation chart, policies and procedures, buildings and facilities, resources, curriculum, staff performance, student progress, child safety, etc.

·         School Improvement Plans and preparation for accreditation

·         Organisational Re-structure and Design,

·         Performance Management.

Appraisal and Professional Development

·         Staff and leadership appraisal, and mentoring,

·         Educational Professional Development.

Integration of Information Technology in Education

·         Educational software school resourcing,

·         Educational hardware school resourcing,

·         Training staff on Information technology in Education



·         We have also developed the EDUGATES proprietary school Parents’ Portal and an integrated School Management Software System (AEMS) for which we provide continuous support and development services.